People in the Life of Caesar

People in the Life of Caesar

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What it must have been like to know this great man! By all accounts, Caesar was a lady's man with an appeal to men, as well, and capable of inspiring his soldiers to follow him into an act of treason. Here are some of the important people whose lives were touched by Julius Caesar.

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Augustus (Octavian)

Unknown source/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Augustus and Julius Caesar Augustus (aka Gaius Octavius or C. Julius Caesar Octavianus) became the first Roman emperor mainly because he had been adopted by Julius Caesar. Caesar is often referred to as Augustus' uncle.

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DEA/A. DAGLI ORTI/Getty Images

Part of the first triumvirate with Caesar, Pompey was known as the great. One of his accomplishments was ridding the area of pirates. He is also known for snatching the victory over the slaves led by Spartacus out from under the hands of Crassus, the third member of the triumvirate.

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cjh1452000/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The third and very wealthy member of the first triumvirate, Crassus, whose relations with Pompey were not exactly cordial after Pompey took the credit for putting down the Spartacan revolt, were held together by Julius Caesar, but when Crassus was killed fighting in Asia, the remaining coalition fell apart.

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It began with the dramatic moment when Cleopatra, rolled in a carpet, returns from exile in order to intrigue with Julius Caesar.

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Bibi Saint-Pol/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Sulla was a fearful despot in Rome, but a young Caesar stood up to him when Sulla ordered him to divorce his wife.

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Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Marius was Caesar's uncle by marriage to his aunt Julia, who died in 69 B.C. Marius and Sulla were on opposing political sides although they had started out fighting on the same side in Africa.

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Siren-Com/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Vercingetorix may be familiar from the Asterix the Gaul comic books. He was a valiant Gaul who stood up to Julius Caesar during the ​Gallic Wars, showing that the shaggy tribesmen could be just as brave as a civilized Roman.