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Louisiana Printables

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Louisana is located in the southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico. It was the 18th state admitted to the Union on October 30, 1812. Louisiana was acquired by the United States from France as part of the Louisana Purchase.

The Lousiana Purchase was a land deal between President Thomas Jefferson and France's Napoleon Bonaparte. The $15 million deal, which took place in 1803, essentially doubled the size of the United States.

Ownership of the territory went back and forth between Spain and France for a while. That fact along with the introduction of Africans brought to the area as slaves resulted in a unique mix of cultures in Louisiana and in the city of New Orleans in particular.

The city is known for the influence of its Cajun culture and history and its annual Mardi Gras Festival.

Unlike the counties found in other states, Louisiana is broken up into parishes.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the state is home approximately 3 million acres of wetland, including marshes and swamps. These marshy wetlands are known as bayous and are home to alligators, beavers, muskrats, armadillos, and other wildlife.

Louisiana is known as the Pelican State due to the large numbers of pelicans that used to live there. After nearly becoming extinct, the state bird's numbers are increasing thanks to conservation efforts.

Spend some time learning about the fascinating state of Louisiana with the following free printables.

Louisiana Vocabulary

Beverly Hernandez

Introduce your students to the Pelican State with this Louisiana vocabulary worksheet. Children should use the Internet, a dictionary, or an atlas to look up each term associated with the state. Then, they will write each word on the blank line next to its correct definition.

Louisiana Wordsearch

Beverly Hernandez

Review the terms associated with Louisiana using this word search puzzle. Can your student find all of the words from the word bank among the jumbled letters in the puzzle?

Louisiana Crossword Puzzle

Beverly Hernandez

Use this Louisiana-themed crossword as a stress-free review of terms associated with the state. Each clue describes a word or phrase related to the state.

Louisiana Challenge

Beverly Hernandez

See how much your students remember about Louisiana using this challenge worksheet. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options from which students can choose.

Louisiana Alphabet Activity

Beverly Hernandez

Younger students can hone their alphabetizing skills while reviewing the people, places, and terms associated with Louisiana. Children should place each term from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

Louisiana Draw and Write

Beverly Hernandez

This activity allows students to express themselves artistically while also practicing their composition and handwriting skills. Children should draw a Louisiana-related picture. Then, they will use the blank lines to write about their drawing.

Louisiana State Bird and Flower Coloring Page

Beverly Hernandez

The Louisiana state bird is the Eastern brown pelican. These large seabirds are brown, as their name implies, with white heads and a large, stretchy throat pouch used for catching fish.

The birds dive into the water, scooping up fish and water with their bills. They then drain the water from their bills and gobble up the fish.

Louisiana's state flower is the magnolia, the large white blossom of the magnolia tree.

Louisiana Coloring Page: St. Louis Cathedral

Beverly Hernandez

Originally built in 1727, the St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest Catholic church still in use in the United States. In 1788, a fire destroyed the New Orleans landmark whose reconstruction wasn't completed until 1794.


Louisiana Coloring Page: Louisiana State Capitol Building

Beverly Hernandez

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. At 450 feet tall, the state's capital building is the tallest in the United States.

Louisiana State Map

Beverly Hernandez

Students should use the Internet or an atlas to familiarize themselves with the geography of Louisiana and complete this blank outline map. Children should mark the location of the state capital, major cities and waterways, and other state landmarks.

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