Chemistry Abbreviations Starting With the Letter M

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting With the Letter M

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Chemistry abbreviations and acronyms are common in all fields of science. This collection offers common abbreviations and acronyms beginning with the letter M used in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Abbreviations Starting With M

M - concentration (Molarity)
m - mass
M - Mega
m - meter
M - Methyl
m - milli
M - Molar
M - Molecule
M3/H - Cubic Meters per Hour
mA - milliampere
MAC - Mobile Analytical Chemical
MADG - Moisture Activated Dry Granulation
MAM - Methyl Azoxy Methanol
MASER - Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MAX - MAXimum
mbar - millibar
MBBA - N-(4-MethoxyBenzylidene)-4-ButylAniline
MC - MethylCellulose
MCA - Multi Channel Analyzer
MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level
MCR - MultiComponent Reaction
MCT - Medium Chain Triglyceride
MCT - MonoCarboxylate Transporter
Md - Mendelevium
MDA - MethyleneDiAniline
MDCM - Mechanistically Defined Chemical Mixtures
MDI - Methylene Diphenyl diIsocyanate
MDMA - MethyleneDioxy-MethylAmphetamine
MDQ - Minimum Daily Quantity
me - mass of an electron
ME - Materials Engineering
ME - MEthyl group
MEE - Minimum Explosive Energy
MEG - MonoEthylene Glycol
MEL - MethylEthylLead
MES - MethylEthylSulfate
MeV - Million electronVolt or MegaelectronVolt
MF - Methyl Formate
MF - Micro Fiber
MFG - Molecular Frequency Generator
MFP - Maximum Freezing Point
MFP - Molecular Free Path
MFP - MonoFluoroPhosphate
Mg - Magnesium
mg - milligram
MGA - Modular Gas Analyser
MH - Metal Halide
MH - Methyl Hydroxide
MHz - MegaHertz
MIBK - MethylIsoButylKetone
MIDAS - Molecular Interactions Dynamics And Simulations
MIG - Metal Inert Gas
MIN - MINimum
min - minutes
MIT - MethylIsoThiazolinone
MKS - Meter-Kilogram-Second
MKSA - Meter-Kilogram-Second-Ampere
mL or ml - milliliter
ML - Mono Layer
mm - millimeter
MM - Molar mass
mmHg - millimeters of mercury
Mn - Manganese
MNT - Molecular NanoTechnology
MO - Molecular Orbital
Mo - Molybdenum
MOAH - Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon
MOH - Measurement of Hardness
mol - mole
MOL - molecule
MP - Melting point
MP - Metal Particulate
MPD - 2-Methyl-2,4-PentaneDiol
MPD - m-PhenyleneDiamine
MPH - Miles Per Hour
MPS - Meters Per Second
Mr - Relative Molecular mass
MRT - Mean Radiant Temperature
MS - Mass Spectrometry
ms - millisecond
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet
MSG - MonoSodium Glutamate
Mt - Meitnerium
MTBE - Methyl Tert-butyl Ether
MW - MegaWatt
mW - MilliWatt
MW - Molecular Weight
MWCNT - Multi-Walled Carbon NanoTube
MWCO - Molecular Weight CutOff
MWM - Molecular Weight Marker