Party Games to Energize Your Classroom

Party Games to Energize Your Classroom

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Is a party game appropriate in the classroom? Yes! Games for adults make great classroom energizers. Get your students on their feet and moving, and they'll return to your topic refreshed and engaged.

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The Movie of Your Life

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If they made a movie of your life, what kind of movie would it be and who would be cast as you? Are you Bond… James Bond? Or more the Arnold type? Maybe you're like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind. Or Cat Woman. Is your life an adventure, drama, romance, or horror flick? Entertain us.

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Tattoos are a lot more common now than they have ever been, and yet we're often surprised, maybe even shocked, by the people who share with me that they've always wanted a tattoo. These are people you would never have guessed would be interested in such a thing. The first question is always, "What kind of tattoo?" And then, "Where?" You know the drill.

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Super Powers

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Wouldn't it be great to have super powers? If you could have one superpower, which one would you choose? Would you like to be like Elastic Girl? How about Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie? Being Wonder Woman would rock! As would Superman. We're not so sure about The Hulk…

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Fortune Cookie Writer

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Everybody loves a fortune cookie, especially if they get a good fortune. Some love it even more if the cookie is a little sassy. Learn something about your students when you ask them to write fortune cookies. Are they gurus? Or wisecrackers?

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If You Won the Lottery

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Money is pretty powerful. How's that for an understatement! It's easy to think having a lot of it would solve all our problems, but history shows otherwise. If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the cash?

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Play-Doh Animals

orange&chocolate / Getty Images

This ice breaker is perfect for any group that has gathered for hands-on topics. Get them involved right away by giving each student a can of Play-Doh and a handful of pipe cleaners. Can you imagine the results already?

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Beach Ball Buzz

PhotoStock-Israel / Getty Images

Have a little beach fun without leaving your classroom. Beach Ball Buzz can be as fun as you choose depending on the questions you write on the ball. Make them related to your topic or completely frivolous and fun. Keep the beach ball handy, and use it whenever you need to review a topic or simply wake up your students. (Not that you're boring!)

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Would You Rather…

Siri Stafford / Getty Images

Would you rather find true love or win the lottery? Would you rather be bald or completely hairy? Would you rather tell your best friend a lie or your parents the truth? This game is fun, and there are a gazillion ideas.

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Everyone's a Foodie

Peter Adams / Getty Images

This is a quickie, and it might be just what you need to juice up your classroom, especially if you're not meeting around meal time. Find out what your students or guests like to eat. And what they never want to put in their mouths again! Scorpion on a stick, anyone?

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Dusan Djordjevic / FOAP / Getty Images

You know the song. These are a few of my favorite things… Use this ice breaker just for fun, or customize it to your topic. Ask your students for the favorite aspects of whatever it is you're studying. You might be surprised. As a bonus, what you learn from your students might help you shape future lessons. Information is good!